Our Vision
A growing awareness of the need to change the way we manage our waste means that people are demanding ways of separating compostable from non compostable waste so that :
  1. the resources may be reused and
  2. mixed, greenhouse producing waste, is not added to burgeoning landfill sites.
Currently a portion of Hout Bay’s dry waste (generated by formal housing and some business and industry) is recycled.
Uncontaminated greens brought to the City’s all sorts site, IY, are chipped and a number of households compost their own greens and kitchen waste, to prevent biodegradable waste from ending up in landfill.
Hout Bay has a vision of avoiding the transportation of all waste to landfill and, instead, sorting waste generated so that it may be composted, re-used or recycled.
Our Vision of zero waste 2016 views waste as a resource and not a cost to Hout Bay.
Having effective waste solutions will mean: saving space at landfill sites; avoiding the creation of noxious gasses and poisoning ground water at landfill sites; and, re-using minerals and resources (by recycling plastic, metal, paper and glass products), rather than extracting raw products via mining and foresting endeavours to recreate what we have just discarded.

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Zero Waste is a movement that Thrive drives and a vision that it holds
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