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How much are we throwing away vs. recycling?
In October 09 we took 6 times as many truckloads to landfill than to to the recycling depot!
That’s 675 tons of waste to a landfill in a neighbouring suburb, Muizenburg. This excludes waste collected from industryand illegal dumping. Hout Bay recycled only 104 tons back into the manufacturing stream and 176 tons of compost.
Considering most things can be recycled - this is not a good ratio and indicates we’re not doing enough to divert our waste from landfill.We are only 1/6 of the way to our 2010 goal, of Zero Recyclable Waste to landfill.
If everyone participates responsibly, we can be the first suburb in South Africa to achieve this. We can do this!
During the last term of 2009, thirty learners from four Hout Bay schools conducted a survey among local businesses, to establish a Hout Bay Business Waste Barometer.
Alison Rice, a senior research analyst, drew up the questionnaire and analysed the results.  The learners interviewed 61 businesses regarding their waste habits and knowledge.
Of these businesses, 15 were in Victoria Road; 18 in Main Rd; 12 in IY and 16 in the Harbour/Hangberg.
The survey revealed that 38% of businesses are making an effort to recycle; 33% recycle some types of waste irregularly; and a full 30% put their mixed waste in black bags or bins and do not recycle at all.

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