About Zero Waste Hout Bay
We are a volunteer group of environmental activists. Our focus is the encouragement of waste reduction and wise waste management. In our own lives we aim to live more sustainably by practicing the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
We invite all Hout Bay residents to practice the 3Rs, to join in any of our zero waste ventures, to create your own waste reduction projects, to offer your gifts to serve both the environment and community, as well as, to enjoy the fruits of your generosity. All those who practice aspects of the 3Rs is are automatically members...  it is a way of life.
Who is driving the project?
Bronwen Lankers-Byrne – coordinates the activities of the project and is the key liason person with the City Solid Waste Department, the Hout Bay community and is a Zero Waste Mentor to Sentinel and Orangekloof Schools.
Jemimah Birch – Jemimah provides research and admin support for the project and mentors the Hout Bay Recycling Cooperative. As Zero Waste Mentor to Kronendal Primary school she is facilitating the movement towards a Zero Waste school.
Nokwanda Sotyantya - Manages the Hout Bay Recycling Co-operative (HBR) projects. The co-op sorts recycling at the City of Cape Town’s Hout Bay Drop Off and Material Recovery Facility. Other HBR projects include  collection of recycling from a number of Hout Bay businesses, a ‘Think Twice’ door to door recycling collection pilot project in  Imizamo Yethu, sourcing and managing the beach cleaners for the ‘no more plastic pooh’ beach cleaning project and providing a recycling service at events.
Thozama  Sphondo is chairperson of the Waste Task Team in Imizamo Yethu – this group organised the 67 min Mandela Day clean up and follow up Cultural Events with the message of reduce, reuse and recycle.
All Hout Bay and Llandudno Schools -  have been linked by the Zero Waste team to the Think Twice pilot project. Schools have recycling collected and get paid by WastePlan to raise funds for their school.
The twelve most important projects created by the 3Rs since 2007:
  1. 220 Recycle Bins for each Hout Bay classroom
  2. Leave your Waste Behind at Hout Bay Supermarkets
  3. Sentinel News 2008 EnvironQuiz/EnviroArt Hout Bay Schools competition
  4. Creation and support of Hout Bay Recycling Coop – Winner of Jet Community awards 2009.
  5. Assistance of the City’s Think Twice weekly clear bag facility
  6. Hout Bay Business Waste Barometer August – November 2009
  7. Partnering with Envirochild and Rubbels, Grade 3 Recycling workshop Sept and Recycle Craft Market Nov 09
  8. Monthly Sentinel  Waste Matters column in countdown to 2010 kick off.
  9. Support of Nolita’s worm-farm project in Imizamo Yethu9. Zero Beach Waste -Green Flags – dog pooh to compost project on Hout Bay Beach
  10. Hout Bay Zero Waste to landfill 2010 Campaign
  11. 2010 Zero Recyclable Waste to landfill Schools competition
  12. 2010 Kick your Waste Schools Soccer Tournament
2008 Nov - the 3Rs at the Hout Bay Green Faire 2009
2009 Sept - dog pooh project was started
In the News
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