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The Way Forward
1. Recycling education
Education for learners will be continued via Thrive’s FOR 3Rs ‘mentorship and champion’ system. Each school in Hout Bay has a Thrive FOR 3Rs mentor. Each school also has an environmental champion in the school (generally a teacher) that ensures that recycling is put into and kept in practice at their school. The concept of composting wet waste and worm farms have become a practical part of this programme as food gardening in schools are encouraged and implemented in partnership with other Hout Bay environmental organisations.
The mentorship programme will be extended to pre-schools, business, industry and other institutions eg: churches, SAPS, Child welfare, the Fire station, etc.Residents of informal and formal housing in IY and the Hangberg, will receive education as to ‘why’ we should and ‘how’ we may recycle via community and block leaders. Education of formal housing in the rest of Hout Bay will continue via the City's media and door to door pamphlet drop education programme. Thrive 3Rs has a database of Hout Bay waste generators (business, industry, schools, and other institutions). This database is a useful tool for education and contact with the community.
2. Collection of all dry recyclable waste generated by households, institutions, business and industry
At this time, partially in operation. The City’s contractor, collects dry recyclables placed in clear bags on the curb on its collection route. This route consists of the formal housing area of Hout Bay. Current Waste management system  in IY and the Hangberg to be altered slightly so that clear bags are issued to households together with black bags.
Black bag collectors will continue to transport waste (clear and black bags) to skips. Clear bags will then be transported by community based recycling initiatives for sorting and sale back to recyclers.Industry and business to divide their waste into 2 bags. Street cleaners to be equipped with clear bags for recyclable curb side waste and their reusable bags for compostable waste.
Recyclable waste to go to community sorting facilities and compostable waste to a composting facility. Two bin system needs to be created for public bins so that when a member of the public wishes to discard an item, they have the option of ‘thinking twice.’
3. Compostable Waste
All compostable waste should be composted in one of the following ways:
  • The chipping facility at the City all sorts drop off facility, IY.
  • Household worm and compost bins for garden, kitchen and pet waste
  • Composted at local farms and community gardens.
  • A Bokashi system of treating all organic food waste can be implemented.
Eg A local organic gardener in Hout Bay offers a wet waste collection service to restaurants whereby kitchen waste is either fed to pigs or dug into trench beds.
4. Further refinement of Municipal all sorts drop off site at IY
Minimise waste destined for landfill by offering the following stations:
  • Collection point for recycling.
  • Scrap metal skip.
  • Building rubble skip.
  • Used motor and cooking oil.
  • Chipping area for garden greens suitable for large chipper.
  • Clean undercover, ‘Boneyard’, area, in a position safe to receive foot traffic, where public may drop useful unwanted items (carpets, furniture, paint, building material,   etc) for free collection by residents.
  • Worm bin area – run by a worm co-op member.
  • Small mulching area for garden waste not suitable for chipping (eg grass clippings weed sods etc) – run by another worm bin co-op member.
  • Wood area – wood co-op to sort/clean/chop wood for building and firewood.
  • Landfill skips with scale. Members of the public may place their waste in any of the previous sections at no cost, but to dump into landfill skip will cost per kg.
With the support and partnership of the City, the above vision may be adopted at no great monetary  expense to the City.
The community of Hout Bay is ready to embrace and put into practice ‘zero waste to landfill by 2016.

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