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As a first step to a Zero Waste community – Hout Bay’s goal is to not throw recyclable waste to landfill and recycle it instead. We are using the approach “each one teach one” to achieve this goal.
Why do we need to urgently reduce the amount of waste we produce and then senselessly send to landfill each day?
We extract, we produce and we throw away... our future!
Hout Bay landfill 2016!?
Photo of landfill site superimposed on photo of Hout Bay taken by Bruce Stephens, local vet and photographer
Why is it important to hold the possibility of Zero Waste?
Landfills are generating 30% of greenhouse gas emission, polluting the water in aquifers and transporting waste is both environmentally and financially costly. In NATURE there is NO waste. All parts are important, everything is a resource. Our aim is to learn from nature!
Is it possible to achieve Zero Waste in Hout Bay?
YES “Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstact- sustainable development- and make it into a daily reality for all the world’s people.”
Kofi Annan
UN Secretary General
Businesses in Hout Bay that responsibly recycle their waste.
We certified businesses in 2010 that recycle with Green Stickers.
Restaurants that practice zero waste to landfill by not only recycling dry waste, but also composting wet waste, are awarded with Blue Stickers.
An updated list of certitified  HB Businesses will be on this website soon
Hout Bay Waste Barometer - how much are we throwing away?
We take 6 times as many truckloads to landfill than to the recycling depot!
Who are Hout Bay’s partners in waste management?
You are, the City of Cape Town door to door clear bag recycling initiative, Hout Bay Recycling and the municipal waste drop of site on Main Rd behind the police station.
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Zero Waste is a movement that Thrive drives and a vision that it holds
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